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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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Opinion of Werner Baumgartel about:
Dear Nadishana, I purchased the RAV VAST A Integral and G Pygmy. Everything went really well with shipping - the instruments arrived in perfect condition and I am really happy with them! I already have 2 original Swiss Panart Hangs in my collection, but the RAV VAST is one of the best instruments I have ever played! The sound is very colourful and lifts my spirit to a new dimension, nothing I have experienced so far.Thank you a lot, Nadishana for the great service and Andrej Remjannikov for the great instrument! I realy love it!!

Futuristic Fujara (A/G set) painted in BLACK opaque - 3 instrume
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Futuristic Fujara (A/G set) painted in BLACK opaque - 3 instrume

Price per Unit (piece): €140.00

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Futuristic Fujara (AG Set) -
3 instruments in one!

For those musicians who wants the fujara to look more beautiful we offer the fujara professionally painted in black opaque,



the Futuristic Fujara is made by my friend Max Brumberg out of highly durable PVC and available for the order. It's some great news about it: It's collapsible and comes in sets. It's one part with whistle and joint and two playing tubes in different tuning. For example when you want to use D fujara you connect D tube, when you want to play on C fujara you replace it with C tube. And when you disconnect the part with the holes you have overtone flute! (Check video for details) So in fact you have 3 instruments in one in collapsible variant (much easy to transport)

I got many emails if the price which stays above is right or it's some mistake. Yes, it is right, be happy:)


1. Three instruments in one: two fujaras and one overtone flute!
2. Very well tuned in western concert temperated tuning
3. Collapsible (no hassle during transportation)
4. Extremely light!
5. Professional quality of sound
6. The holes are close together so you can use different fingering and apply the techniques from other flutes (see video for details)
7. Very easy to play, everybody can start playing right away!
8. Highly durable
9. Cheapest fujara ever!

AG set includes:

- 1 x main tube
- 1 x A playing tube
- 1 x G playing tube
- fingering charts
- mouthpiece (for traditional style of playing)

Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to order it and to get the shipping price which depends on your location.

Frequently asked questions
and shipping prices




Troubleshooting tips and care


Sound Sample:

mp3 (0,6 MB)


Demonstration Video
(there's unpainted fujara on this video,
but painted version has kept all the features of unpainted one presented here):


Some important details for the care and fine tuning of your futujara:
  • - There is a little piece above the window on the top of your futujara,
    you can shift it up and down. Use this part to fine tune the sound
    of your futujara, you are going to see, it changes a lot.
  • - After playing you should also take off the hose or the little mouthpiece
    depending on what you used, to let them dry.


Customer Reviews:

nadishana  (Tuesday, 21 October 2008)
Rating: 5
Received the instrument today!,
great sound totally wood in character, maybe a bit low in volume but that's what mics are for!
/> thanx again,

Ignas te Wiel (Netherlands)

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