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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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Opinion of ethnoworld about:
Hi Nadishana,
yesterday the RAV VAST 2 Pygmy arrived. It is exactly as beautiful as i hoped it would be :-) I am sure, soon i will be addicted playing it. But that´s alright, because it´s a very nice addiction . I want to thank you again for your inspiring youtube videos, because these are the reasons why i was trusting in this Instrument. Maybe sometime you will see me also on a
youtube video playing the RAV VAST.....
happy and thankfull........................ Stefan :-)

Futujara set (5 in 1) DESIGNED
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Futujara set (5 in 1) DESIGNED

Price per Unit (piece): €254.45

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Limited edition with the special touch of a silk opaque protecting finish

Painted Futujara (5 in 1) set with symbols from Ancient Kuzhebar culture or
other ethnic motifs is also available for the order.
Artwork made by Kuzhebar Design Studio


In each case the artwork is unique!
Customer designs are available by request.


Sound Sample: mp3 (0,6 MB)








  • Five instruments in one: four fujaras (C,D,A,G) and one overtone flute in A!
  • Extremely maneaurable. The hose gives you possibility to use kalyuka technique
  • Very well tuned in western concert temperated tuning
  • Collapsible (no hassle during transportation)
  • Extremely light
  • Professional quality of sound
  • Looks beautiful!
  • The holes are close together so you can use different fingering and apply the techniques from other flutes (see video for details)
  • Very easy to play, everybody can start playing right away!
  • Highly durable, made from PVC
  • Cheapest fujara ever!
  • UNIQUE: not present on a market anywhere else!

The length of futujara in collapsed mode - 107 cm
in assembled mode with longest G tube - 174 cm
in assembled mode with shortest D tube - 116 cm


Futujara set includes:


- 1 x main tube
- 1 x C playing tube
- 1 x D playing tube
- 1 x A playing tube
- 1 x G playing tube
- fingering charts
- mouthpiece (for traditional style of playing)
- hose


Some important details for the care and fine tuning of your futujara:

  • - There is a little piece above the window on the top of your futujara,
    you can shift it up and down. Use this part to fine tune the sound
    of your futujara, you are going to see, it changes a lot.
  • - After playing you should also take off the hose or the little mouthpiece
    depending on what you used, to let them dry.







Demonstration Video:


Concert video from Sunset club, Paris
Nadishana - futujara, Steve Shehan - hadgini udu

Video: how to assemble Futujara and take care for it:







Customer Reviews:

worldethno  (Friday, 25 March 2016)
Rating: 5
Dear Nadishana,
I just received the instruments today and in perfect shape !! Thank you ! They are just awesome, colors and symbols are perfect
and the whole set incredibly light.
I cannot wait for making sounds from it :)
Thanks again and congrats for your hard work.
I will
keep in touch :).
Happy Eastern,

Julia  (Saturday, 03 March 2012)
Rating: 5
Hi Nadishana, I received my futujara yesterday, and I just LOVE it. I went home and played and its WOW!. Beautiful artwork on it, my best compliments
to Julia. I also liked the casing very innovative. I am definately going to enjoy playing the futujara with my didgeridoo's and drum. Make some nice
music. Thank you very much. Moez

dupatan  (Sunday, 18 April 2010)
Rating: 5
I just received my beautiful futujara today, and it is wonderful! The sound is rich and full and can also be very tender. The artwork is simply
exquisite, delightful to look at. This is the most amazing instrument that I have ever owned (and I have many) and I would recommend everyone,
amateur or professional, to buy it. It's just fantastic, fun and easy to play. Thank you so very much! Kindest Regards. Fred Randles

telma  (Monday, 31 August 2009)
Rating: 5
Hi Nadishana! Futujara arrived yesterday! It was the birthday gift for my boyfriend, and guess what? Arrived on is birthday day! He is a musician, and
he just loves the Futujara.. now he just can´t stop playing is new instrument! He is going to have a concert on the end of this month and he wants
to play it right away. The instrument is really beautiful and the sound is outstanding. I actually tried to play it, and i´m not a musician, and it
is such a really easy instrument to play. The sound is just great! Beautiful, beatiful sound! The paintings are stunning, we love every single detail
on Futujara! Let me thank for your professionalism, you are great. Keep up with your excellent work!! Best regards from Portugal, Telma & Luís

Julienmonti  (Sunday, 01 February 2009)
Rating: 5
Fabulous ! thanks for your beautiful website and for your best music ! I play querflote and manny ethnic flûtes ! And I play Fujara ! excuse me for
my bad english ! I go in your gallery and I command a set fujara ! Best regard Julien


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Futujara Set -5 instruments in 1!

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