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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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Opinion of Werner Baumgartel about:
Dear Nadishana, I purchased the RAV VAST A Integral and G Pygmy. Everything went really well with shipping - the instruments arrived in perfect condition and I am really happy with them! I already have 2 original Swiss Panart Hangs in my collection, but the RAV VAST is one of the best instruments I have ever played! The sound is very colourful and lifts my spirit to a new dimension, nothing I have experienced so far.Thank you a lot, Nadishana for the great service and Andrej Remjannikov for the great instrument! I realy love it!!

Qurai (kurai, курай) flute from Bashkortostan
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Qurai (kurai, курай) flute from Bashkortostan

Price per Unit (piece): €80.00

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RARE! Just 8 pieces in stock!

Material: veneer
Master: Shugayupov
Range: 3 octaves
Scale: pentatonic

The quray is an open end blown flute and most popular traditional musical instrument of the Bashkir people. This particular qurai is made by master Shugayupov, who considered as the best maker for this instrument. He made many improvements of this traditional instrument and he's first who started to tune qurai with tuner. Before that the holes on qurai were made by measuring with fingers (The length is found by measuring 8-10 times the width of a palm encompassing the stem of a plant.. The first hole must be done at four fingers distance from the top of the plant, the next three holes at two fingers distance from each other, the fifth at the back at three fingers distance from the fourth hole. from wikipedia). The diapason of a quray consists of three octaves. The quray is used as a solo as well as an ensemble instrument. Traditionally qurai flute is named after the qurai plant (Pleurospermum uralense), from which it was made traditionally. Now, a quray can be made from veneer. It is more stable and its sound is similar to the natural quray's sound.

Similar instruments: sybyzgy (Kazakhstan), persian ney (Iran)




Customer Reviews:

turen  (Wednesday, 05 October 2011)
Rating: 5
Greatings Nadishana Thanks for everything. I received the flute and i love it. It is a good one. and it is fun becase it is playable like a Tsuur,
or ney. or like a rim flute too...quite interesting to have fun.I wonder if you have also other keys....but i might buy it twice because if one day i
get a trouble i'll have a spare one.......but not this month....i'll see if there will one left next month....but if you also have another key just
let me know... Have a nice time and good vibrations. Take care Sylvain

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