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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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Opinion of ethnoworld about:
Hi Nadishana,
yesterday the RAV VAST 2 Pygmy arrived. It is exactly as beautiful as i hoped it would be :-) I am sure, soon i will be addicted playing it. But that´s alright, because it´s a very nice addiction . I want to thank you again for your inspiring youtube videos, because these are the reasons why i was trusting in this Instrument. Maybe sometime you will see me also on a
youtube video playing the RAV VAST.....
happy and thankfull........................ Stefan :-)

Handmade Hat with Application (Kuzhebar Design)
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Handmade Hat with Application (Kuzhebar Design)

Price per Unit (piece): €60.00

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Limited edition!
Handmade hat with application in "penduka" style. In the Oshiwambo and Otjiherero languages the word Penduka means “Wake Up!”
100% Cotton.One size. Because of its stretching abilities, hat fits exactly to your head shape. Unisex.

Kuzhebar Design Studio is happy to present you new hat´s edition with application made by using needlework motifs of namibian woman. Each hat has a unique set of symbols. Each symbol of the needlework has a meaning. With the symbols namibian woman tell their personal stories, share their thoughts and dreams. The main idea here is to be able to value the things your life gives to you, even if they are just simple things.

some meaning examples


How to carry:
Only hand wash by 40 degrees. It will keep better the form after washing if you let it dry out on a form similar to the head shape.
F.e. it could be just a big glass bottle.

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