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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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Opinion of leonardo casci about:
Hey Nadishana the RAV Pygmy its arrived, i\'m very very happy, thank you very much, thank you Andrey, this is exactly that, what i search for years, but before it dosen\'t exist. im going to play in a 1000 years old perfect acoustic stone church...what for a experience!!! in love leonardo

CD "Zero Density" (webworks)
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CD "Zero Density" (webworks)

Price per Unit (piece): €12.00

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You can buy this album also at CDbaby bandcamp and Vladiswar Nadishana - The Traditional Music of Ancient Kuzhebar Aborigines now

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feat. D. Kuckhermann, Manu Delago, Armin Metz, A. Davidyants

This CD combines some web works of Nadishana which were released in Internet, but were never published on any album.

1. Shu Khur, Nadishana - SPb Kurd 9 Handpan, David Kuckhermann - cajon, Armin Metz - fretless bass.
2. Particles, Nadishana - RAV VAST drum (G Pygmy)
3. Tarznauyn - Hijaz theme, David Kuckhermann - Hang PANart hijaz, Nadishana - SPb Tarznauyn handpan
4. Saekhar, Nadishana - bansuri, utar, cajudoo, cajon, Dima Gorelik - guitar, Valeri Tolstov - keyboards, Beat Gisler - bass
5. Zero Density, Nadishana - RAV VAST drum (A Integral), sansula
6. Tales of Ro, LOCUS SOLUS Orchestra. Nadishana - SPb handpan, Loup Barrow - cristal baschet (crystal organ), Manu Delago - hangs, Thomas Bloch - ondes martenot
7. Tsaaj Nplaim, Nadishana - tsaaj nplaim, arrangement, Tobias Fleischer - bass
8. Takku Ta Tei, Nadishana - portable dzuddahord, hybrid kaval, beer can, glass bottle, hadgini udu, jaw harp, Anton Davidyants - 4-str. bass
9. Pathmaker, Nadishana - Halo Aegean handpan, SPb Kurd 9 Handpan
10. Infinite Approximation, Nadishana - RAV VAST drum (Low E Pygmy)
11. Riding North, Nadishana - dzuddahord, David Kuckhermann - udu, cajon, Armin Metz - 6-string fretless bass
12. Vadjrahantha Solo, Nadishana - Vadjrahantha tongue drum

All music composed by Nadishana, except track 3: D. Kuckhermann - Nadishana


Zero Dencity digipak


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