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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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Hi Nadishana,
yesterday the RAV VAST 2 Pygmy arrived. It is exactly as beautiful as i hoped it would be :-) I am sure, soon i will be addicted playing it. But that´s alright, because it´s a very nice addiction . I want to thank you again for your inspiring youtube videos, because these are the reasons why i was trusting in this Instrument. Maybe sometime you will see me also on a
youtube video playing the RAV VAST.....
happy and thankfull........................ Stefan :-)
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*Pack 7 CDs, get one for FREE!

*Pack 7 CDs, get one for FREE!

Цена за шт. (piece): €75.00

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Pack, 7 CDs for the price of 6!

CDs in pack:
Far&Near | Asymmetric Beauty | Innovative Jew's Harp
| Trad. Music of Ancient Kuzhebar Aborigines |
Takku Tatei | Penetration into Substance
| Russian - Tuvinian Karma Knot |



Far&Near CD promo video:


Some tracks from those CDs:

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