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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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Opinion of ethnoworld about:
Hi Nadishana,
yesterday the RAV VAST 2 Pygmy arrived. It is exactly as beautiful as i hoped it would be :-) I am sure, soon i will be addicted playing it. But that´s alright, because it´s a very nice addiction . I want to thank you again for your inspiring youtube videos, because these are the reasons why i was trusting in this Instrument. Maybe sometime you will see me also on a
youtube video playing the RAV VAST.....
happy and thankfull........................ Stefan :-)

"Far&Near" СD Nadishana Trio (Nadishana-Metz-Shehan)
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"Far&Near" СD Nadishana Trio (Nadishana-Metz-Shehan)

Price per Unit (piece): €15.00

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Digipak with emboss and beautiful design.

Innovative world fusion. Unique style and virtuosity, Unusual traditional and self-created instruments!

Nadishana - dzuddahord, hybrid kaval, futujara, hu-lu-si, bansuri, duclar, khomus, utar, tambujira, 1tone drum, mouthbow, various perc, sounds.
Armin Metz- 6-string fretless and fretted basses.
Steve Shehan
- self-constructed percussion kit, brushes, hang drum, spacedrum, sagattes, kendang, steel drums, hadgini, tuned udus, piano, likembe, conga, calabash, handsonic, knong wong, various perc.


1. Water Song 6:06 mp3 (665 kb)
2. Vita Brevis Ars Longa 6:49 mp3 (935 kb)
3. Sanskar Valley 3:07 mp3 (749 kb)
4. Telling Fields 2:04 mp3 (741 kb)
5. Kuzhebarsko Horo
5:05 mp3 (1 202 kb)
6. Far&Near 4:16 mp3 (1 202 kb)
7. Overtone Story 4:39 mp3 (890 kb)
8. Gurgang 2:13 mp3 (978 kb)
9. Hidden Door 5:39 mp3 (1 220 kb)
10. Vast Land 6:44 mp3 (714 kb)
11. Mouthbow Solo 3:15 mp3 (878 kb)
12 Riding North 6:36 mp3 (890 kb)
13. Tempus Fugi 5:04 mp3 (978 kb)
14. Urhat 7:00 mp3 (1 220 kb)
15. Child on the Beach 4:08 mp3 (714 kb)
16. Dodona 1:42 mp3 (1 220 kb)

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"On their first album together, the members of “Nadishana Trio” bring to the recording studio an original repertory that has been captivating audiences for more than four years of performances in prestigious venues and festivals. What has been forged through collective interactions, now becomes an original concept that captures the spirit of their fruitful kinship.
Vladiswar Nadishana, the founder of the project, is a multidisciplinary Siberian artist with a deep knowledge of ethnomusicology, playing more than 100 instruments. He is joined by master percussionist Steve Shehan, a legendary world music innovator, member of the famous Hadouk Trio, and bass player Armin Metz, versed in different styles, from electronica, pop, to world fusion. The title of the album is a suggestive metaphor of their creative road map: "Far" is geographical distance, but also it is about traditions, a journey to an ancient time when music was evolving as a fundamental ingredient of human culture, while "Near" evokes spatial closeness, neighborhood, the fresh modernistic flavor intersected with its “Far” counterpart.

The variety of the musical themes and instruments we hear is impressive. There are original compositions along with skilled solos contributed by all three multi –instrumentalists who distill and blend layers of “Far” and “Near” in a polychromatic panoply composed of a wide array of influences and sources. We are taken to explore a world of harmonies infused by a cross-cultural symbiosis that resonates with the innermost chords of the soul.
Flowing happily like a mountain spring, the invigorating “Water song”, opens the journey. As the musical flow progresses we pass through a mysterious “Hidden Door”, reaching the “Vast lands” of the “Sanskar Valley”, charmed by a mellow “Overtone story” , before “Riding north” surrounded by the dark melodious voice of the bass.

Then comes the silky “Far and Near”, a melody you wish it never ends, and the ritual-like “Kuzhebarsko Horo” reminiscent of ancestral East-European circle dances. The inspiration flies high when the adventure slows pace with the delicate oriental beauty of the “Urhat”, in which Nadishana’s sensuous kaval narrates an emotional intense melody. In tune with him, Armin Metz weaves rich bass tones, swirling like a snake made of velvet sounds, while sound wizard percussionist Steve Shehan radiates lights and shadows, whispers and silence, deepening the mystery.

But “Far&Near” is also an enriching sonic experience for listeners, as the album showcases a rich variety of percussion , woodwind and chords instruments of different origins, some of them invented by the musicians themselves . It is a momentary return to the sources of music when the humanity was closer to the nature than today. At the end of this fabulous journey, the three fellow storytellers leave us enchanted by the pure joy they shared with passion and virtuosity all along the way. From every angle, “Far and Near” is a vivid illustration of Longfellow’s words: “Music is the universal language of mankind."

Stefan Bocioaca

You can also http://nadishana.com/photobucket/buymp32.gif of this album

Customer Reviews:

nabob  (Saturday, 22 October 2011)
Rating: 5
Hello Vladiswar, I received your CD today.Just wanted to tell you how wonderful your musical and human adventure sounds to me.I also value so much
this direct contact between the artist and the ones who feel moved by his creativity.Receiving your CD I felt the same as the day I went to
Switzerland to meet Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer, the creators of the Hang. I really hope to see you on stage one of these days, Best wishes
for your journey though life and music, Rhythmically, Cécile

nadishana  (Wednesday, 05 October 2011)
Rating: 5
When I have heard just short presentations of the songs I immediately wanted to have this CD! a real CD! :) I already shared my impressions with
Armin, who I had a chance to meet in Denmark at the concert of Imogen Heap, but I also want to write sth here. It is enormous inspiration, beautiful
journey into new soundscapes, new dimensions and Your musical souls. With Your creation You are taking me into another level of music and sounds
world. This music is also very healing. Thank You very much for touching me very very deeply. Please, come to Denmark and play for us! :) Wish You all
lots of love, inspiration and wonderful meetings with open minded and sensitive people. Peace and love. Btw. I got it yesterday. Very carefully
packed, maybe with Your handwrite on the box, which I found very professional and sweet in the same time. You really take care of your customers. :)
Anyway... I cant stop listening to this CD! :) Radek Bekieler

NICOLAS  (Friday, 23 September 2011)
Rating: 5
Hi Nadishana, I listen to your music for 3 years now and every new project is more and more accomplished! This new project respect your feeling about
ancient trance music and add modern sonorities with two others virtuos musicians! And for old school listenners who like the product CD, the design of
the package is so beautiful!! Keep this way!! Best from France, Nicolas

dupatan  (Thursday, 22 September 2011)
Rating: 5
thanks for the great music, really a very rounded Album, fantastic combinations of Instruments and amazing artwork. Adrian

turen  (Monday, 05 September 2011)
Rating: 5
Thank you for your WONDERFUL CD! The music and the graphics are in perfect balance , it's a great achievement that deserves all the praises! As always
happy to hear your music, Stefan


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