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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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Opinion of leonardo casci about:
Hey Nadishana the RAV Pygmy its arrived, i\'m very very happy, thank you very much, thank you Andrey, this is exactly that, what i search for years, but before it dosen\'t exist. im going to play in a 1000 years old perfect acoustic stone church...what for a experience!!! in love leonardo
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Название Артикул Цена Маленькая картинка Описание Обновить
"Asymmetric beauty" DVD Nadishana - Gorelik DVDg €17.00 ethno-fusion, ethno-jazz

"Asymmetric beauty" СD Nadishana - Gorelik СDg €12.00 ethno-fusion, ethno-jazz, the version just with audio

"Far&Near" СD Nadishana Trio (Nadishana-Metz-Shehan) СDf €15.00 Новаторский этно-фьюжн с элементами джаза. Уникальный стиль и виртуозность, необычные этнические и изобретенные самостоятельно инструменты!

"Shrimp" Jew's Harp, custom made (Bashkorkostan) KVV €399.00 SOLD OUT Unique collector's Item, Shrimp Jaw Harp (vargan), one of the kind

"Trinity" Necklace N 10 €50.00 KUAAMU-necklace 2015 "Trinity". Pyrography on birch wood, polymer clay, glass and metal beads, natural palm seeds (Amazonia), total length 70 cm

*Pack 7 CDs, get one for FREE! СDPa €75.00 Special offer – Buy 6 CDs and get one for free!

Altaian Khomus Kh01 €40.00 Jew's Harps from Altai "Khomus" in a beautiful boxes decorated by Kuzhebar Design Studio Подробнее
Art USB sticks with music usb €35.00 Unique art USB with music, wearable as pendant! Подробнее
Art-Cup ACp €9.50 Art-cup for tee & coffee and any other hot and cold drinks with lovely Zshurtschch-cat, a cosmic clown from the painting of Julia Surba. High quality ceramic (white), size: 190 x 80 mm, ca. 0,34 l, weight: 380 g. Cleaning with hands, tongue and in washing

Artprint "Bird" ApB €15.00 depicting the one of 3 mythological birds of Ancient Kuzhebar

Artprint "Yagdyn" ApY €15.00 depicting the arch-father and creator of Ancient Kuzhebar

Artprint on canvas "Genealogy of Ancinet Kuzhebar", big size APCY €95.00 depicting the history of genesis and development of genetic lines of Ancient Kuzhebar printed on canvas in original size from Pyrography Art Object of Julia Surba "Genealogy of Ancient Kuzhebar"

Бамбуковая обертоновая флейта OFB €25.00 Эта флейта имеет свисток, вы можете извлечь из нее звук практически сразу, даже не имея опыта игры на духовых! Подробнее
Сэт из 7ми бамбуковых обертоновых флейт OFBS €150.00 7 флейт в тональностях До, Ре, Фа, Ми, Соль, низкая Соль и низкая Ля

Bass Overtone Flute set - 12 keys OvFl12 €165.00
Вы экономите: €10.00
Bass Overtone Flute set - 12 keys, fully chromatic!

Bass Overtone Flute set - 7 keys OvFl7 €145.00
Вы экономите: €10.00
Bass Overtone Flute set - 12 keys, fully chromatic!

Calendar 2016, Art by Julia Surba Cl €10.00 artwork of Julia Surba one side printed, format A-2

CD "Zero Density" (webworks) СDzd €12.00 New CD of Nadishana, web compilation

CD Надишана - Innovative Jew's Harp CD_Inn €12.00 варган, этно, world fusion,

CD Nadishana - Live in Izhevsk CD_Li €12.00 ethnic, world fusion

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Результаты 1 - 20 из 119
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