Bamboo Overtone Flute
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Bamboo Overtone Flute

Price per Unit (piece): €25.00

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Overtone flute made of bamboo.


The technique of playing and sound properties of this flute is very similar to
slovak koncovka. And if you love russian kalyuka, but it's too hard for
you to learn how to make a sound, then it's the option for you.

  • Recommended for professionals for the stage performans and
    studio work. Have sharp penetrating sound full of hi harmonics.
  • Recommended for the beginners: since the flute has the fipple you
    can get the sound right away and achieve quite impressive results
    pretty fast. Very easy to play!
  • Very affordable price, sets and single instruments available.

Demonstration Video:












Optionally you can order this flute with the bindings (not available anymore). The photos above shows flutes with bindings (the thread on the both ends of the flute). This particular bamboo is not prone to cracking and we have had just one case in 4 years when flute cracked in tough climate. Although if you have a harsh himidity changes in a place where you live we'd recommend you to order this flute with the bindings. Of course you always can do bindings yourself also.


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