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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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Opinion of Werner Baumgartel about:
Dear Nadishana, I purchased the RAV VAST A Integral and G Pygmy. Everything went really well with shipping - the instruments arrived in perfect condition and I am really happy with them! I already have 2 original Swiss Panart Hangs in my collection, but the RAV VAST is one of the best instruments I have ever played! The sound is very colourful and lifts my spirit to a new dimension, nothing I have experienced so far.Thank you a lot, Nadishana for the great service and Andrej Remjannikov for the great instrument! I realy love it!!
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Jew's Harps of the world

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Название Артикул Цена Маленькая картинка Описание Обновить
"Shrimp" Jew's Harp, custom made (Bashkorkostan) KVV €399.00 SOLD OUT Unique collector's Item, Shrimp Jaw Harp (vargan), one of the kind

Altaian Khomus Kh01 €40.00 Jew's Harps from Altai "Khomus" in a beautiful boxes decorated by Kuzhebar Design Studio Подробнее
Коу Сян (Китай) в декорированном пирографическом чехле KoX4D €44.66

самый древний синтезатор!

Коу Сян (Китай) KoX4pl €32.50 древнейший полифонический синтезатор!

Chromatic Mouthbow CM €150.00 Innovative modern variation of ancient african instrument

Dan Moi (Vietnam) DMft €10.00 SOLD OUT Подробнее
Дан Мои Сэт (5ти-лепестковый) DMS5 €80.00 уникальная "ротовая бас гитара"
Double Dan Moi (Vietnam) in beautiful decorated wooden box DDmD1 €24.00 Double Dan Moi (Vietnam) in beautiful decorated wooden box

Dragon Jew's Harp, custom made (Bashkorkostan) DVV €499.00 SOLD OUT Unique collector's Item, Dragon Jaw Harp (vargan) with special wooden box, one of the kind

Fork Jew's Harp, custom made (Russia) FV €208.00 Unique collector's Item, Jaw Harp (vargan) made out of fork:)

Ловец Духов - древнекужебарский ротовой лук GCs €90.00 Шаманский инструмент для для общения с коллективным сознанием насекомых, вирусов, а также некоторыми разновидностями духов.

Ghost Catcher - advanced mouth bow with pyrography design GCsD2 €190.00 This model of the Ghost Catcher is covered with symbols believed to be a protection by hunting the ghosts on two sides of the instrument and presenting a mosquito on its third side.

Khakass Khomus KKh1 €73.00 Pro quality mouthharp from Khakassia, low deep tone, long sustain, sharp overtones! Подробнее
5ти лепестковый Коу Сян (коу ксианг) - Китай KoX5 €39.00 Потенциал инструмента превзойдет ваши ожидания!

Mini Dan Moi (Vietnam) in beautiful decorated wooden box MDd1 €18.00 Mini Dan Moi (Vietnam) in beautiful decorated wooden box

North Star Jew's Harp, custom made (Bashkorkostan) SVV €500.00 SOLD OUT Unique collector's Item, Art Jaw Harp (vargan), one of the kind

Tatar Kubyz Kz €30.00 Out of stock Подробнее
Нкаас (Ncaas) - лаосский варган Nc €30.00 низкий богатый обертонами звук, длинный сустейн

Vargan, custom made (Russia) V01 €370.00 SOLD OUT Unique collector's Item, hand crafted jaw harp with special design

Хорошо темперированный 7-ми лепестковый Коу Сянь KXS7 €80.00
Вы экономите: €5.00
Уникальный инструмент! Сэт из семи лепестков, скидка 5 евро.

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Результаты 1 - 20 из 21
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