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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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Opinion of World Ethno about:
Dear Nadishana,
I just received the instruments today and in perfect shape !! Thank you ! They are just awesome, colors and symbols are perfect and the whole set incredibly light.
I cannot wait for making sounds from it :)
Thanks again and congrats for your hard work.
I will keep in touch :).
Happy Eastern,

Latest News:

Art USB sticks with music

Vladiswar Nadishana - Friday, 25 March 2016
art-usb-stick-4 ◦₪◦ LIMITED EDITION ◦₪◦ 8GB USB sticks with unique handmade pyrography art of Julia Surba and entire CD catalogue of Nadishana...

Revolutionary RAV drum in our catalogue!

Vladiswar Nadishana - Wednesday, 13 January 2016
alt We’re really exited to introduce the new product in our shop: RAV drum. Please read description and watch demo videos...

New calendar 2016 by Kuzhebar Design

Vladiswar Nadishana - Wednesday, 16 December 2015
Calendar1 Great calendar for the next year! Also very cool way to support the unique art! The price is 10 EUR...

New Duclar models available.

Vladiswar Nadishana - Friday, 20 November 2015
alt We now have 3 new Duclar models available: C minor, F minor and E minor, so we offer 6 models...


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Rare ethnic musical instruments for sell: percussion, jew's harps: khomus, kou xiang, dan moi, ncaas; overtone flutes. fujara, futujara, kalyuka