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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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Opinion of Dupatan Dupatanche about:
Dear Vladiswar Nadishana,

Thank you for the good vibrations from Russia: the Rav Vast 2 has arrived in good order and quite ahead of schedule so it was a nice surprise when coming home yesterday as I had not expected it yet. I am currently experimenting with it and it sounds awesome! I would also like to express my gratitude to Andrey Remyannikov.
In the mean time, I have been enjoying numerous clips and performances on YouTube on Handpans, Rav drums and other exotic instruments. Especially, I enjoyed listening to your performances (solo and ensembles): I especially like Khubananukh, Particles and Shukhur. It has really changed my perception of what is possible with acoustic instruments and it opened a new world of sound.

большое спасибо; or Hartelijk bedankt as we say in The Netherlands.
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Innovative world fusion. Unique style and virtuosity, Unusual traditional and self-created instruments!

Nadishana - dzuddahord, hybrid kaval, futujara, hu-lu-si, bansuri, duclar, khomus, utar, tambujira, 1tone drum, mouthbow, various perc, sounds.
Armin Metz - 6-string fretless and fretted basses.
Steve Shehan
- self-constructed percussion kit, brushes, hang drum, spacedrum, sagattes, kendang, steel drums, hadgini, tuned udus, piano, likembe, conga, calabash, handsonic, knong wong, various perc.

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Nadishana Trio(Nadishana-Metz-Shehan)

[ "> ] Cost €9.99

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Track Name Cost Preview
Not available for download. Water Song 6:06 €0.00
Not available for download. Vita Brevis Ars Longa 6:49 €0.00
Not available for download. Sanskar Valley 3:07 €0.00
Not available for download. Telling Fields 2:04 €0.00
Not available for download. Kuzhebarsko Horo 5:06 €0.00
Not available for download. Far and Near 4:16 €0.00
Not available for download. Overtone Story 4:39 €0.00
Not available for download. Gurgang 2:13 €0.00
Not available for download. Hidden Door 5:39 €0.00
Not available for download. Vast Land 6:44 €0.00
Not available for download. Mouthbow Solo 3:15 €0.00
Not available for download. Riding North 6:36 €0.00
Not available for download. Tempus Fugit 5:04 €0.00
Not available for download. Urhat 7:00 €0.00
Not available for download. Child on the Beach 4:08 €0.00
Not available for download. Dodona 1:42 €0.00

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Rare ethnic musical instruments for sell: percussion, jew's harps: khomus, kou xiang, dan moi, ncaas; overtone flutes. fujara, futujara, kalyuka