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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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Opinion of leonardo casci about:
Hey Nadishana the RAV Pygmy its arrived, i\'m very very happy, thank you very much, thank you Andrey, this is exactly that, what i search for years, but before it dosen\'t exist. im going to play in a 1000 years old perfect acoustic stone church...what for a experience!!! in love leonardo
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Genre: ethnic, world fusion

The aim of this work is to find a common denominator for music sorcery in different traditions of the world. This CD is an experimental fusion of music folklore from Asia, Africa, Europe, Russia, Ancient Kuzhebar, experimental jazz and contemporary sampler surgery. The recording method for this album was overdubbing.
Vladiswar Nadishana: mandola, dzuddahord, kalyuka, bansuri, zhaleyka, overtone flute, khomus, ac. guitar, fretless bass, voice, various ethnic flutes and percussion, computer.

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Penetration Into Substance

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Track Name Cost Preview
Not available for download. Intro €0.00
Not available for download. Song of the Far Lands €0.00
Not available for download. Jae-Koro Nim €0.00
Not available for download. Kuo Ke €0.00
Not available for download. Twisted Dance 7/16 €0.00
Not available for download. Sibirskaya Meditativnaya €0.00
Not available for download. Indian Flood in Europe €0.00
Not available for download. Dance in a Curved Area €0.00
Not available for download. Searching the Trace €0.00

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Rare ethnic musical instruments for sell: percussion, jew's harps: khomus, kou xiang, dan moi, ncaas; overtone flutes. fujara, futujara, kalyuka