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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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Hi Nadishana,
yesterday the RAV VAST 2 Pygmy arrived. It is exactly as beautiful as i hoped it would be :-) I am sure, soon i will be addicted playing it. But that´s alright, because it´s a very nice addiction . I want to thank you again for your inspiring youtube videos, because these are the reasons why i was trusting in this Instrument. Maybe sometime you will see me also on a
youtube video playing the RAV VAST.....
happy and thankfull........................ Stefan :-)
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By Tanjef at Wednesday 19 September 2012
Hallo Nadishana,
seit gut einer Woche ist meine Futujara wohlbehalten angekommen und ich habe sie sofort in mein Herz geschlossen. Wir flirten noch - sind aber auf dem Weg ein gutes Paar zu werden ;-)
Mit Clip-Mikrofon treten alle Facetten des Instrumentes zu Tage und lsst es auch in den Tiefen atemberaubend schn klingen. Da ist selbst der Holunder im Garten erstaunt und berhrt.
Herzlichen Dank
By Mara at Friday 14 September 2012
I have just listened to the Spirit Catcher, tears rolled down my cheeks, it feels like coming home Also purchased the CD Tuvinian Karma Knot .......
I fly home Deep Thanks Mara x
By Marie Renee Patry at Thursday 26 January 2012
I still haven't received my Duclar and i've got no news about it from the shop owner after receiving a short note about problems with the production in december. Very disapointing so far... hopefully this will end up well since my payment is done!
Hi Marie, your duclar arrived yesterday. We'll ship it today or tomorrow. I'll let you know.
By Marie Renee at Saturday 10 December 2011
Ordered a Duclar on November 21... hope to receive it before Christmas! I can't wait... it's even in my dreams at night!

You are a VERY inspiring musician and creator.
All the best!

Marie Rene
By oyun at Wednesday 07 September 2011
very nice shopping site i like turkish kaval at most.
By Konuh at Wednesday 20 July 2011
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By Alex at Friday 24 September 2010
You have so many beautiful minis and so wonderful web page!! Wish you all the best in the future
By Keith Heeks at Tuesday 13 July 2010
Hey I just came across your instruments for the first time..I think they are some of the best peices by sound I have heard ..They also look much more fun and interesting to play then our instruments they also have a better look,I am also baffled at how you make the futajara I seen some directions on youtube but it just doesn't look or sound right...What can I do to perfect one of these masterpeices
By Jabocrack at Thursday 01 July 2010
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By naomi at Thursday 04 March 2010
you are absolutely amazing..never before have i seen or heard anything as beautiful as the music you play. i hear a love for the earth and people in your music..and a yearning for something more out of life...you are very talented i would love to play even one of your instuments..i played the flute for 12 years and you have made me believe in myself again..i will play again..the kalyuka is great..but i must try the fujara..spectacular sounds that are remarkable to listen to..puts a chill down my spine every time i hear you play...i will be a loyal fan forever now....thank you for the beauty
By Moez at Sunday 14 February 2010
Hi there,

This is a great site with some amazing instruments, I play the Didgeridoo & Jew Harp but now I think will also get the fujara. I like the videos and demos given. Look forward to buying from you.

Best Regards
Moez from Kenya
By Kalas at Wednesday 03 February 2010
nice site!
By Bruce Wharton at Thursday 21 January 2010
Hallo Nadishana,

I live in Stuttgart, Germany. I was actually looking for a Maultrommel/Jews Harp and fell upon your site. Being an accomplished Mundharmonika/Harp player I automatically clicked upon your futujara. This is the neatest thing I have seen in a long time. I dig the whamola too. I am a Bastler/Craftsman and problem solver too. I invented and produce the Groove Mic which is a harmonica microphone plus a miriad other things such as cigar box guitars... I have a solution to the swelling wood problem so often found in wind instuments - this is a great idea for the futujara. Please contact me if you are interested in curing an age old problem with today's high tech material ... I am looking for no money. I am not that way. I am a musician too. You use PVC for a age old folk instrument so why not substitute wood with something else?

You got a groovy site man,
By Donna at Monday 18 January 2010
What a great web site! Fantastic design, good combination of colors. I like it.
By Jano Stefanik at Sunday 03 January 2010

just got across some of your music, videos and the site...to put my first feelings briefly, amazin, great stuff Nadishana... your inspiration and creativity seem endless.

Will be back soon for sure.

By Meha at Monday 14 December 2009
Great site, i love music.

By Andreas Vollenweider at Friday 16 October 2009
A fellow adventurer! Fantastic work, Nadishana! Looking forward playing music with you...
Be well and creative
All the best
Andreas Vollenweider
By Gluca at Friday 04 September 2009
This SweatShirt "Yagdyn Staroj" is very nice!!!
By Ivan Bratten at Monday 31 August 2009
I like your work werry much and think you will make a big change in the musical history with your instruments, coming for a buy soon_

All the best from Norway to you and yours!!!
By Guillaume Dubuisson at Sunday 05 July 2009
I've well received the kaluyka, and the sound.. It's absolutely wonderful, like a bird flying and dancing into the sky, to the celestial realms! A deep travel into ourselves, to contact our soul!

Every day i use the cd "move your chakra" as well for pleasure as for reiki practise; beautiful work for sure! Ah, "Russian-Tuvinian karma knot", the two words that i just want to say : I LOVE !!

I wish you all the best for you life, your way of vision
With pleasure to see you at "Le rve de l'Aborigne"

May the sun guide your steps, and the stars your dream

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